Music Examinations

Music Department students, through collaboration with the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens (HCA), can take examinations twice a year, in the fall (20-31 October) and in the spring (20-31 May). The HCA examiners carefully listen to the performances of students, discuss their progress with them, and offer useful advice and guidance for their progress to the students and their teachers. Students prepare the pieces they will perform based on their level’s syllabus. The possibility for a student to only be examined only in scales or pieces lies solely in the discretion of the examiner. All students must attend the compulsory theoretical classes. Preparation examinations are being held only once a year in June. Potenzia del’ arte also collaborates with the British Council for the Royal School of Music (R.S.M.) examinations.

All students registered for the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens examinations must also take Pre-Examinations. Students must be on time for their pre-examination exam.

Students wishing to sit a Ptychio/Diploma examination, have to satisfy certain prerequisites before he/she is accepted to this level. The prerequisites vary according to instrument, and each student has to be in close contact with his/her teacher and with the Centre Administration in order to ensure that he has covered all requirements for his/her instrument. Students must have completed successfully all compulsory theory classes, at least 6 months prior to the date of their Ptychio/Diploma examination. For the examination, the student has the option to perform in front of an audience (Open Ptychio), or only in front of a 5 member examination committee (closed Ptychio).