General Examination Terms and Conditions

All students of the Music and Dance Departments are encouraged to take exams at least once a year in the lessons they are studying. For each Examination Period, there is an Examination Registration Deadline and all students have to register before the deadline. If a student registers after the deadline, then a Late Exam Registration Fee is applied. All Examination Registration Fees are non-refundable. Music Department – (Hellenic Conservatory of Athens Examinations) examination fees can be transferred to the next examination period ONLY. Transference can only be done if it is requested from the administration before the Examination Registration Deadline.

Currently, students of the Theatre Department do not take examinations.
In order to ensure the success of our students in examinations, a Pre-Examination process has been established for all instrument exams, and a Mock-Exam process for all Dance Department exams. In both cases, students have the opportunity to present their programme and receive feedback for improvement from the Centre Director.