Uniform and Grooming


Babies, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, Primary:
• Pink leotard
• Pink socks
• Ballet shoes with rubber
• Pink skirt

Grade 1, 2:
• Pink leotard and pink belt
• Pink socks
• Ballet shoes with rubber
• Character skirt and shoes

Grade 3, 4:
• Blue leotard and blue belt
• Pink socks
• Ballet shoes with rubber
• Character skirt and shoes

Grade 5:
• Blue leotard and blue belt
• Pink tights
• Ballet shoes 
• Character skirt and shoes

Grade 6, 7, 8:
• Purple leotards and purple belt
• Purple skirt
• Pink tights
• Split sole shoes
• Character shoes
• Character skirt

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation:
• Black leotard and black belt
• Pink tights
• Ballet Point shoes and soft point shoes

General Information:
• Shoes must be clean. If dirty, please clean with dishwashing liquid and sponge. Do not scrub because they can easily be damaged. Let them dry before use (do not put in the washing machine).
• The shoe rubber must be very well sowed.
• Students should not wear any jewellery (not even small earrings) and other accessories during classes to prevent accidents.

Students hair must be up in a classic bun.
You need:
• Hair net (you can buy from the school. Choose the same as the hair color)
• Tweezers and hair pins
• Hair gel and spray
• Rubber for the ponytail

The process of preparing the classic bun:
• Wet the hair to easily put up in a ponytail.
• Put a lot of hair gel and spray especially in the front.
• Make the ponytail at the center back of the head.
• Wrap the ponytail around the rubber.
• Use hair pins and tweezers to make into a bun.
• Finally, put the hair net and wrap 2 or 3 times above the bun and fasten with hairpins.
• Use hairspray.