Modern - Ηip Ηοp and Contemporary Dance Classes

Modern dance blends technique with creativity and expressiveness and is a key component to a dancer’s versatility.
Modern Dance class moves through barre and center exercises that focus on placement, balance,  using a fluid and expressive spine. Musicality, momentum, and use of the upper body are emphasized and refined. In this class students are encouraged to use their emotions and moods to design their own steps and routines. It focuses on the expression of inner feelings.

Our hip-hop class offers young students the opportunity to have fun and move to upbeat music in an uplifting, positive environment.    Students are introduced to rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture, and performance, and they learn hip- hop skills through choreography and different rhythmic styles. They also learn a variety of hip-hop combinations geared to improve their versatility as dancers as well as their stamina.

Our contemporary classes are geared for intermediate and advanced dancers who want to broaden their technique and performance skills. This class utilizes fluid movements and combinations with emotional motivation. Students will experiment with musicality, improvisation, and personal expression while learning the fundamentals of  contemporary movements.