To all:
- Drive through for easy and safe access

- Modern facilities with specialized equipment for the teaching of 
performing arts.

- Professional and friendly service from our customer service department

- Free coffee or tea and use of WIFI Wireless Internet

- Cozy environment in a safe and comfortable waiting area

- Fire Safety System

- Elevator and access ramps for wheelchairs

- Personal service in-person or by telephone during the entire academic 
year by our experienced administration staff

To our students:
- Flexibility in changing a teacher, course and/or teaching hours of 
individual lessons

- Insurance of smooth continuation of courses of study during the year, 
in the event of teacher sickness or departure, with immediate 
placement of the student with another teacher

- Opportunities to participate in Concerts, Events, Festivals, Contests, 

- Participation in song groups, Ensembles and dance groups

- Participation in TV programs with the Modern Dance, Music and 
Musical Theatre groups

- Participation in TV and/or radio advertisements through advertising 
agencies Potenzia Del 'Arte collaborates with.

- Free use of the books, CD’s and DVD’s libraries

- One-stop convenient purchase of music books, dance shoes and suits 
on site and on credit as needed

- FREE use of Practice Rooms for instrument practice

- Special low rates for piano, electric piano rentals

- FREE group courses trials in the Music, Theatre, Dance and Musical 
Theatre departments

For Parents:
- Ensured quality of learning services and exemplary teaching methods 
with continuous monitoring by the Artistic Director of the School.

- Free consultations with parents on their children’s musical progress 
and future development 

- Courteous resolution of problems or issues arising between teachers 
and students with the discreet intervention of the administration.

- Time and energy savings and reduced stress due to one-stop offering 
of all performing arts under one roof.

- Payments by cash or credit card

- Child safety and security in all areas accessible to children